2018 Vietnam Trip Documents

Trip Itinerary
Members of the D.O.V.E. Fund are busy preparing the itinerary for their annual Trip to Vietnam

Starting on:   Thursday, December 28th, 2017
Ending on:   Fridayday, January 19th, 2018

This year's trip will be lead by:
    John Abbey, a Vietnam Veteran with over 13 return trips to Vietnam.
    Fred Grimm, a Vietnam Veteran and Founding Member of the D.O.V.E. Fund with 17 trips to Vietnam.
    Jill Grimm, with over 12 trips to Vietnam.

This Event is Open to the Public.... Space is still available.

Click Here to download the Trip Calendar (.PDF Format)

Letters to Travelers
Letter 1 - To all Travelers; Pending Latest updates from John Abbey

Click Here to download the Letter to Travelers (.PDF Format)

Shots Required to Visit Vietnam
Here are the vaccinations required to visit any country. But because there may be different diseases/sicknesses in Vietnam, you will want to consult your doctor as you make your travel plans. You will want to get these shots at least two to three months before you travel, to reduce any interaction issues from the shots.

Note: Some of these shot programs require one shot to followed by a second in the series 30 days later... and before you can travel. Then, a third shot after you return. Consult with your local Doctor or Health Department for the correct procedures.

Recommended Vaccinations
    Health-care professionals should ensure that travelers are up-to-date on the following vaccinations.

Routine Vaccinations
    Measles or measles/mumps/rubella (MMR)
    Diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT, dTap)
    Polio Virus
    Varicella (chickenpox)
    Pneumococcal disease (for those in the respective risk groups)

Travel-Related Vaccines
Considered for all travelers to developing countries:
    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis B

Considered for travelers who plan to visit certain destinations:
    Japanese Encephalitis
    Yellow Fever

Packing Instructions
Over the years, travelers have compiled this list of helpful packing instructions for you to use as a check list when you do your packing.

Click Here to download the Trip Packing Instructions (.PDF Format)

Trip Release and Registration Documents
People traveling on the trip, need to download the document listed below, fill it out, and then return it to:

    The D.O.V.E. Fund - 2017 Trip
    PO Box 350741
    Toledo, Ohio 43635


Attach the completed document to an e-mail addressed to: trip@dovefund.org

File Name: Mission_Trip_Release_2017-2018 - Rev 1.0 - 20170821.pdf

Click Here to download the Trip Release/Registration Form (.PDF Format)

File Name: Mission_Trip_Release_2017-2018 - Rev 1.0 - 20170821.docx
Click Here to download the Trip Release/Registration Form (.DOCX Format)

Electronic Visa
Web Site: http://www.vietnam-evisa.org/
Posted By: Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Auguest 3rd, 2017
Subject: VOA-Visa on arrival

Note: The new regulation from The Vietnamese Immigration Department as below:
Base on the bilateral relationship between US and Vietnam Government, from Aug 25th 2016, US citizen will get only 1 type of Visa that is 1 year multiple entries Visa and the stamping fee is 135USD/person. It means that the 1 or 3 months Visa does not longer valid. All US customers who got Visa Approval Letter before Aug 25th, the Stamping Fee will be 135USD/person as well and you are able to stay in Vietnam 3 months per visit for Tourist purpose and 1 year for Business purpose.

Vietnam Visa on arrival or Vietnam landing visa or Evisa is the same type of visa that you will be picked visa stamp and visa sticker at the Vietnam international airports (Ha Noi Capital, Da Nang City or Ho Chi Minh City). But you must fill out all your required passport information in advance into this website or this Vietnam Visa Form.

This is the best way to get your Vietnam entry visa for normal passport holder with purpose of tourist or business. No need send your passport to anywhere, no document needed, and it is so fast, easy, reliable,…. You just need to fill in our "Online Application Form", pay the service fee, get your "Visa approval letter" within the chosen processing time and pick up your visa at your destination international airport in Vietnam.

This is widely used and is the more preferred way to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam than the more traditional way through the embassy or consulate. Just a few minutes for getting visa stamp at the airport. The Immigration Department receive many thousand Visa-on-arrival applications every year and the number of applicants are increasing steadily as many get to know this Visa option. We also provide extra service if you required.

Note: Only travelers by air to Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh City airport and Da Nang airport. (If you don’t arrive by airplane, please contact us for more information.)

Best Regards - Vietnam Evisa Organization
Hot Line: + 84.909.343.525
TollFree: +1-800-642-1567
E-Mail: Visa@vietnam-evisa.org

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