2014-Retreat Documents

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Map to the Meeting Place: Map to Sharon's Office - 135 Chesterfield Lane - Maumee, Ohio Roland Southard
Retreat Agenda: 2014 - Retreat Agenda Sharon Trabbic
Post Retreat - Action Items: 2014 Retreat - Action Items and Notes Sharon Trabbic
Treasurer's Report: Tim Kearney
Financial Report - YTD: Financial Report - April 30th, 2014 Tim Kearney
Donation Report - 2013: 2013 - Donation Report Celeste Southard
Donation Report - 2014 - YTD: 2014 - Donation Report Celeste Southard
Projects Report: Fred Grimm
Project Tracker Report: Project Tracker - April 28, 2014 Celeste Southard
Scholarships Report: Scholarship Financial Report Tim Kearney
Scholarship Distribution Report Cam Nhung
Grant Writing Report: Grant Writing 2013-2014 Sharon Trabbic
International Funding Sources Sharon Trabbic
More Funding Sources Sharon Trabbic
Charity Rating and Data Report Sharon Trabbic
2015 - Vietnam Trip Itinerary: 2015 - Trip Itinerary - Version: March 21, 2014 Do Nguyen
Bandage Brigade Report: Bandage Brigade Action Plan as of May 2nd, 2014 Linda Stocker
Bandage Brigade Overview - May 2nd, 2014 Linda Stocker
Bandage Brigade - Instruction for Bandages Linda Stocker
Communications Report: 2014 - Communications Report Dan Gregg
Web Site Audit: Web Site Audit - Guidelines Roland Southard
Fundraising Report: Julie Abbey